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The importance of the order of Pilates.

Many of my clients come to me without awareness of the order and names of Pilates exercises. These exercises were designed to flow into each other and balance muscles groups. For example, targeting arms, and then legs, spinal extensions and flexion of the spine. When you do an disorganized work-out than the underutilized muscles may not be targeted. This does not mean you rigidly stick to the order, but clients should know and understand the value in order to become more self-sufficient in their workouts.

Happy flowing!!

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Welcome Marina Pozzi

Marina received her  Pilates certification in a recognized school in Italy, Covatech ®, and is trained on all the apparatuses (reformer, cadillac and tower, chair, barrel, spine corrector, matwork, magic circle. 

In Italy, she worked as a physiotherapist and as an Osteopath  She holds a two degrees in osteopathy and Physical therapy.  She is truly passionate about the field of medicine, and Irecognizes how beneficial is to combine them with pilates, which allows her to completely meet her client’s objectives. 


Her style in teaching Pilates is therefore a synthesis of these three disciplines: rehabilitation (i.e. lumbar pain, cervical pain, scoliosis, post-injury recovery, etc.) but also in health and wellness, stretching/strengthening, and movement in general.  Marina used to be a professional athlete in artistic gymnastics, which she considers an educational experience for the field. 


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Marina will be teaching Mondays at Pilates Zone from 8am-5pm

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